Investment Strategy

Our Investment Strategy

Fletcher Financial, LLC, focuses on your objectives. Whether you are looking for growth, enhanced income, or principal preservation strategies, we are here to customize your portfolio based on your specific goals and needs.

Your Best Interests Are Our Priority

We would rather report a loss of opportunity rather than a loss of money to our clients. We do not chase markets or invest where we believe the risk versus reward is not in your favor. This philosophy sometimes leaves us with a high amount of cash in portfolios.

We strive for absolute returns by using fundamental and technical analysis together—fusion analysis. We believe this approach adds value to investors’ portfolios.
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All technical analyses, conclusions, and observations are based on historical chart formations and patterns. Therefore, observations are a function of each analyst's interpretation of the charts and a part of mathematical probabilities.

In effect, technical analysis is a study of probabilities. Per a particular chart pattern, what has happened 75% of the time in the past does not mean it will always recur in the future. It logically follows that historical precedent does not guarantee future results. Investing involves risks, including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss during periods of declining values.